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South America – Tour de Vino, Carne, y Cerveza – Part 2 of 2: Chile

“Chile produces some fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon, at least one astounding Pinot Noir (see below), and a host of nice whites. The real grape star of Chile, however, may end up being….” Please click on the link, immediately below, to be taken to this article that I have posted on Scribd. I suggest hitting the “full […]

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Chile is an ideal place to produce wine, and one delicious place to eat. Wine Her grape growing regions are naturally protected against phylloxera, the root destroying louse that plagues vineyards, worldwide. Chile is flanked on all sides by environments phylloxera simply cannot penetrate – the Andes, the great Pacific Ocean, and bone-dry desserts. Operationally, […]

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