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Steve Roden

Australia, Riesling, Fish Eye Wines, Southeastern Australia, 2011

N/ Lightly candied soft yellow fruits, steeped in a pool of bright, acidic springwater. If sunshine was a flavor of sweet taffy, this might be it. Tickles of crushed rock and clean burlap. T/ Full mouth feel. Thick, round, yellow tropicals start you off, but are then soundly supplanted by a broad, general, citrus flavor […]

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Australia, Chardonnay, Fish Eye Wines, South Eastern Australia, 2011.

N/ Wafts of butterscotch, and buttery oils, typical of California-style Chardonnay are here, however this wine benefits from having some pleasing soft pear and stewed apple aromas.  In a blind tasting I’d of guessed California, not Australia. T/ Medium full to full mouthfeel. Round, thick yellow tropical fruits. A tad oily for my liking, however this characteristic is […]

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Australia, Shiraz, Fish Eye Winery, South Eastern Australia, 2010


N/ Fruit ICBM. Stewed plums, black fruits, but also, unmistakably and unfortunately, Lambrusco. Crushed stones and confectionery. T/ Full mouthfeel. Thick plum and cherry stew. Full of flavor, but a tad gritty. Full, but soft tannins. Certainly gulpable, but hard to get over the smell of Lambrusco. Needs some acid, and touch more minerality for […]

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