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Red Mountain AVA

USA, Syrah, Hedges Estate Vineyards, “Matthews”, Red Mountain, Washington, 2004

N/ Dry leaves. Clean cherries. Tight oaks. Light rubber. Dry soil. T/ Medium mouthfeel. Clean. Warm plums. Clean, black pepper juice. Great wood-work and structure. Price = $45 Given that I’ve previously written that Hedges makes one of the best under $25 reds I’ve had, I was hoping for more from this offering.  A solid […]

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USA, Syrah, Terra Blanca, Reserve, Winemaker’s Barrel Select, Red Mountain AVA, Washington, 2004

N/ Light candy. White and black pepper. Dry soil. Cherries. Light cement. T/ Light to medium mouthfeel. Medium clean. A tad light on the fruit for a Syrah, but what is there is very nice raspberries and blackberries. Great wood work and integration. High acid feel for a Syrah, which is nice. Slightly restrained, but […]

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USA, Syrah, Terra Blanca, Block 8, Red Mountain AVA, Washington, 2004

N/ Hardwoods. Flat cherry. Tad hot. Dry leaves. Pleasant pond water. T/ Medium mouthfeel. Figs. Ripe, stewed plums. Big, round, and easy to drink. Price = $42 Brilliant-. 9o This wine was part of a “Syrah Smackdown” tasting event. This bottle kindly provided by the winery as a media sample, via the darling @WineHarlots

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Another amazing blind tasting event – Syrah SmackDown


Wow, another amazing blind tasting event yesterday with the San Diego Wine Mafia! The “Syrah Smackdown” consisted of: 10 excellent Syrahs = 5 from Paso Robles, California and 5 from Washington state (Red Mountain or Columbia Valley AVA); thanks for the majority of those wines & endless piggy parts and figs to @WineHarlots !; insanely […]

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USA, Red Blend, Merlot, Hedges, Red Mountain, Three Vineyards, 2006

N/ Truly turned elegant about 60-90 minutes after opening. Luscious, ripe black cherry, plums, and red berries. White pepper. Hardwoods. Light rust. Green grass ending. T/ Medium full mouthfeel. Elegant. Clean. Dripping dark fruits, but without the typical sugared backbone that haunts big fruit flavor. Liquid graphite. Great structure and layers for any price point, but for this […]

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