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Beer, Dark Ale on Lees, Canada, Unibroue, Unibroue 17, (17th anniversary), Chambly, Quebec.

Note: 10% alcohol, not effing around.  Bottled 2011. N/ Wonderful, warm malts, and thick creaminess. Strong burlap. River rocks. Medium roasted, vanilla scented coffee. Honey on toast. Only fault on the nose is that the burlap aromas are a tad too strong. T/ Light to medium mouthfeel. Rich, deep , round malt and coffee flavors. […]

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Canada, Beer, Ale on Lees, Don de Dieu, Unibroue, Triple Wheat, Chambly, Quebec

N/ Banana bread. Light to medium funk. Yeasty taffy. Nutmeg dusted steamed pumpkin meat. Light apricot. White meat cold cuts. T/ Medium mouthfeel. Medium carbonation. A rich medley of yellow fruit flavors with apricot and spiced malts. Sugar-kissed pumpkin stew. Touch of nutmeg-dusted egg nog on an exceptionally extended finish. Awesome and extremely easy to […]

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