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(Winery & Vineyard Visits), Napa Valley, California, USA / Quick Guide – Introduction to a few of my favorite wineries


In a two-part Napa Valley series I wrote for my past magazine column, we documented a recent tour through Napa’s wonderland… Please click on the link, immediately below, to be taken to this article that we have posted on Scribd. We suggest hitting the “full screen” button below the article, then the zoom buttons. […]

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Know Your – Napa Grapes!

The Whites Chardonnay By volume she is the world’s most favorite wine. Some of her United States versions are fairly neutral in smell, taste, and soul.  Not really much to delve into, or reflect upon.  A vodka among white wines, unless done right.  Rare that be, domestically.  If you choose generic Chard over all else, […]

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USA, Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, 55/45, Laird. Jillian’s blend, 2005

Did not decant. N/ Barrell room. Fat but angular plum explosion. Ripe multiple purple fruit infused oaks. A fantastic medley of sexyness. T/ Multiple layers of purple and black sex. This wine teaches your mouth a lesson in passion. The woods have relations with the fruit skins while you are scandalously watching them. Astounding. 97.

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