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WineMaker Spotlight, Winemakers, Theresa Heredia, Gary Farrell Winery, Russian River Valley, Sonoma Valley, California


Gary Farrell Winery has legendary status. They have been producing award wining pinot noir and chardonnay for decades. In May 2012, they hired Theresa Heredia to take over their winemaking. I’ve recently gotten to know more about Theresa, and her impressive wine credentials. We actually have related scientific backgrounds. She also shares my fascination with […]

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Cork. A Rant on Wine Closures.

Cork. Heck, just the word is enough to set off magnesium-hot firestorms among wine makers and lovers.  Much like politics, one will stand by their “team” no matter how irrational and/or circular their arguments have to become to keep the party line turgid. Personally, I dislike cork as a wine closure, and smile every time […]

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