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Home Barrel Aging…. and so it begins…. “Reserva Pessoal” = “Personal Reserve”


Movie Jose Amber Orange 13MAR2012 Update 17 MARCH 2012 So after a month and one half soak in my personal oak barrel, I’ve just re-bottled the Jose Cuervo gold (movies and pics, attached left and above). She now distinctly looks a lot more like real gold and also has a gorgeous amber hue right out […]

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CACHAÇA and Rum – Seasick mobsters, 145-year-old yeast, and bad hair dye-jobs

What do: – Pinga – “The Evil” – “The Damned” – “The one that killed the policeman” – “The water birds will not drink” ….have in common? They are all names for Cachaça, a fiery spirit that stands on the bronze medal step for world booze production. Rum doesn’t even come close to the podium […]

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