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(Winery & Vineyard Visits), Ceja Vineyards, Napa Valley, Califorina, USA

Ceja Vineyards Wine Passion Babbling Section If you are reading this it is almost certainly because you are a member of the club of people that believe in wine.  Now when I say “believe”, I mean to imply that you view wine as an entity that can be far more than simply the sum of […]

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(Winery & Vineyard Visits), Far Niente, Napa Valley, California, USA

Far Niente – one of my favorite wineries….. From the entrance, the grounds, to the classy first human contact, Far Niente states loud and clear that you’ve arrived somewhere special.The smugness is not negative, it actually rings of genuine, “I’m flat out so happy to be working in this brilliant place you might as well […]

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USA, Late Harvest, Botrytis, Far Niente, California, 2005


From such shriveled, unsightly grapes comes something approaching perfection… I usually attempt to not wax on and off with hazy vinobabble but this beast makes me break down.  Prepare to think I’ve lost it, until you try it… C/ Her golden hues appear alive and otherworldly, I actually wondered aloud if the bottle itself had […]

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Dessert Wines, Sweet Wines, Ice Wines, Late Harvest

The Underworld of Legendary Sweet Wines Rotten Grapes, Mouthwatering Fungal Funk, Barnyard Stench, Snow Jobs, and Respectable Shrinkage $130,000 paid for a single bottle of white wine stands as a record, while $2,300,000 was spent once coughed up for a collection of sweet wines from the famous Château d’Yquem in Bordeaux that included a bottle from […]

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