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N/ Deep, round chocolaty malts. Sugar-dusted gunnysack. Wet leather. Nutmeg and spice. Oyster shells. Fantastic. T/ Medium-full mouthfeel. Warm, round, soft chocolates and stewed woods. Enough hops for balance but zero bite. Milk chocolate, malt, and mineral-kissed finish. Wow. I love this beer! Astounding. A+

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Beer, USA, Rock Bottom Brewery (Colorado), Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

    N/ Dark chocolate smeared all over burlap. Crushed granite sprinkled into coffee. Positively delightful. T/ Full mouthfeel. Dripping milk and bitter chocolate. Wonderful acid. Balanced, crisp, elegant. Wow. Price = $6.95 for a snifter.  A bargain. Astounding. This is a phenomenal beer, aged in barrels from one of my favorite Bourbons. A […]

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