Italy, Location Wines

C/ If I had to guess this wine by color I would have a tough time placing her in Italy.

It is extremely dark with New World syrah-type hues.

N/ Deeply organic, rich soil smeared upon crushed black cherries and plums.

Wonderful sage wafts.

As I’m smelling and tasting this wine it appears to be a ripassa or perhaps amarone, but I don’t think either of those are likely to be in this bottle. Will be very interested to find out what this is after I’m done tasting…

N/ continued…. Now the fig is coming out.

I also get notes of game, blood, cedar, and freshly split wood.

T/ Medium-full mouthfeel. Plums, Plum skins, wild herbs, and black and purple fruits to play. Fig and savory meat notes.

Complex and delicious.

Note 2: this wine was rated 20 minutes after opening, and it still was a bit tight. I would recommend opening, decanting and waiting at least an hour.

Winemaker = Dave Phinney

Price = $18 – $25

N = A
T = A
I = A-
Overall = A

ok, so I went to the website… this wine is…

“A blend of Negroamaro and Nero d’Avola from the Southern region of Puglia
combined with Barbera from Piemonte in the North.”

This wine was a media simple generously provided by the winery and Balzac Communications.

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