France, Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Bruno Paillard, Première Cuvée, Reims

N/ Salted green apple slices Crushed granite. Chalk. Delicate marine wafts. Quite inviting.

T/ Light to medium mouthfeel. Crisp green and yellow apples. Clean lines of mineral, flint and granite.


Price = $50

N = A-
T = A
I = A
Overall = A

This wine was a media sample kindly provided by the winery.

From the winery…

“- Elegance: Hallmarks of a Bruno Paillard Champagne are therefore finesse and elegance, with an underlying minerality thanks to the exclusive use of juice from the first pressing of grapes. This has been the case from the beginning in 1981. The first pressing is also essential to purity, but not the sole reason: selection of terroirs and the way in which they are individually managed are also key.

– Dryer: Dosage (addition of sugar) is minimal to let the freshness shine through. Though labeled “Brut,” all Bruno Paillard Champagnes are technically “Extra Brut,” with six grams or less of sugar per liter.

– Long maturation: Bruno Paillard wines are matured for longer than is customary for most producers, to allow them to mellow and to compensate for the lack of sugar.

– Consistency: Bruno Paillard uses a unique blending system, a variant of the solera system common in sherry-production. Each blend consists of the current vintage base wine plus 20 to 50% of older, fractionally blended wines. With 30 years of reserve blends on hand, Bruno Paillard multi-vintage (MV) Champagnes are of assured quality, even in years with a lot of hail.

– Complexity: Bruno Paillard’s multi-vintage Champagnes incorporate an extraordinarily high percentage (35% average) of reserve wines in the blends. A reliance on reserve wines is part of the signature house style of longer-matured wines. At Bruno Paillard, sur lie aging is two to three times longer than imposed by law.”

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