Drunken Opossums: A crash course in the evolution of Tequila and Mezcal

The kick of caffeine was allegedly discovered after humans witnessed
twitchy, spasmatic goats dancing at what some consider the world’s
first rave party.  

Those hairy revelers had, minutes before the imaginary techno beats
commenced, been gorging wild coffee beans. 

Similarly, Tequila may be the end result of our surveillance of a
seriously tipsy opossum. 

Certain desert plants, known as agaves, go through a reproductive
cycle wherein a very large stalk is shot toward the sky.   In this
process, some sap typically seeps out, and natural yeasts and
bacteria in the air ferment the ooze. The greedy little hands
of the opossum can scoop up those juices.  Hello, drunk opossum. 

Clearly then, Goat is to a Venti Carmelattelzino Expresseranto as
Opossum is to Jose Cuervo Gold…

Please click on the link, immediately below, to be taken to this
article that I have posted on Scribd.  I suggest hitting the
“full screen” button above the article, then the lower left

buttons can control zoom – once you are in full screen mode.

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