Champagne – sublime flavours of yeast carcass, exploding bottles, sparkle capture, and smaller as actually better.

The tang of rotting fish, the layered stench of an overripe cheese, and the tangible face-spank of a bloated carcass are all proud members of guild vomitas.

Apparently, the taste manifestations associated with death are not high on our culinary favorites chart.

Exceptions occur such as “1,000 year-old” eggs, fermented fish sauce, “stinky tofu”, and, surprisingly, Champagne.

Turns out that the sublime flavours of Champagne come from fungi carcass discharges over the many months that yeasts stew in your favorite bottle of bubbly.

Yes, the beverage much of the adult world associates with class, revelry and freshness obtains its signature flavour by a long and intimate association with death.

Keep that in mind next time you raise a flute to, ironically, life.

Please click on the link, immediately below, to be taken to my Champagne article I posted on Scribd. I suggest hitting the “full screen” button.

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