Pictured: Mango Margaritas in Cambodia


Short version: I’m a Certified Sommelier (from the Court of Master Sommeliers) and like to rate wines within price ranges as I believe many consumers go to a wine outlet with a “I’m going to spend $XX on a bottle today” in their heads.

Longer version: For three years I had a monthly wine/spirits/food “lifestyle” magazine column where I explored some very fun topics (please see the box to the left for links to selected articles).

Now I’m focusing on this site and working on write-ups for all the wonderful wineries and wine professionals I’ve interacted with over the years.

Why I write:

My academic career (Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology) involved the study of how biochemical cascades within the brain lead to long-lasting neuronal changes, including our memories. Therefore, when my brain tells me that whatever stuff I just jammed in my piehole is delicious, my interest usually relates to the cerebral hows and whys of my responses.

Additionally, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have eaten and drunken my way through 40 countries to-date. My appreciations of the world’s sensual delights are usually driven by my biological and chemical curiosities, noted above.

I taste hundreds of wines each year, and I take detailed notes on almost all of them.  Each and every wine (also beer, spirit, etc.) that I consider worthy of your attention makes it to these pages.

I hope you enjoy my musings.

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